BLAVOR Qi 10000mAh Solar Portable Charger

BLAVOR Qi 10000mAh Solar Portable Charger

The BLAVOR Qi solar power bank offers wireless and USB charging, and thanks to its solar panel, it’s a great companion for long camping trips.

BLAVOR Qi Solar Portable Charger at a glance

Key specs


10000 mAh

37 Wh

Dimensions (LxWxH)

5.9 x 3.1 x 0.8 in

14.99 x 7.87 x 2.03 cm


9.3 oz / 263 g

Charging technology

Charging time: 6 h

Solar charging

Wireless charging

PBE metrics



357.43 mAh/$


38.02 mAh/g

1075.27 mAh/oz


USB Type A

USB Type A

Output: 5V/2.1A
USB Type C

USB Type C

Input: 5V/2.1A
Micro USB port

Micro USB

Input: 5V/2.1A

Flight status

Under 100 Wh

Status: Safe

The power bank is safe to take on board. It's under the specified TSA limit of 100 Wh. Read more about taking power banks on planes.

Other features

LED power indicator


Drop resistant

Water resistant

Dirt resistant

Charging cable

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BLAVOR Qi Solar Portable Charger Review

The BLAVOR Qi solar portable charger is a powerful and durable charger made of high-quality materials. With its robust design, the power bank can survive big drops, and water spills, and even keep dust out of its internal structure.

blavor solar power bank

Unboxing Video

Charging Technology

This power bank supports solar charging, but it’s recommended you use it for emergency backup only because it will take a very long time to fully charge your device. It can be quite difficult to obtain intensive power via solar energy due to the sun’s intensity and the small panels that have a rating of 180mA. The power bank can only charge one device at a time via USB output, but can power up two at once if you use both the wireless feature and USB output. However, it’s only suitable for 5V/2A devices.

blavor ports

You can also charge the power bank via an outlet, either through the micro-USB or Type-C input port. By using a 5V/2A adapter, you can expect the device to be fully replenished within 6 hours. Both micro-USB input and Type-C input have a rating of 5V/2.1A.

blavor back

The power bank is compatible with Android and Apple products. If you want to charge any of your gadgets with a cable, you can connect it to the USB output, which has a rating of DC 5V/2.1A.

It’s also Qi-certified for wireless charging any Qi-enabled gadget. However, using this feature takes up more power in the charger, even if it quickly refreshes any of your devices. The wireless charging feature has a reading of DC 5V/1.0A.

It supports pass-through charging. You can place your smartphone on the Qi-wireless feature or connect it to the USB output port while the power bank itself is being replenished.


The BLAVOR Qi solar portable charger measures 5.5” long, 3.1” wide, and 0.84” thick, making it portable enough to fit into your hand or hook onto a bag. It’s also light, weighing just 9.3 ounces, allowing it to be easily carried around. The medium-sized unit is also ideal for hiking and camping trips, where it can safely be stored in a convenient space, like your bag or pocket.

blavor side

You won’t have any problems carrying the power bank with you on a flight. It only has 37Wh, which is way below the 100Wh limit stipulated by the TSA.

This device is generally a bit smaller and less heavy than similar products in its group, which is to be expected since they often have higher-capacity batteries.

Look and feel

The power bank is very sturdy and durable. It features a solar charger that contains a premium lithium polymer battery. All four corners are rugged, providing a reinforced build for the entire unit, ensuring protection and durability. The device is encased with a premium anti-slip rubber mat, which will help to keep your device safe by preventing it from falling off any type of surface.  It comes in black with orange corners.

blavor portable charger

It’s also rigged with dual flashlights that you can use in an emergency or if you simply need some light in dark areas. In order to take advantage of this feature, you will need to press and hold the power button for five seconds to turn the flashlights on and off. The device comes with a compass you can attach to a backpack or just simply leave with the power bank.

blavor flashlight

To access the USB ports, pull out the orange dust cover located at the bottom of the device. Just beside the ports, you’ll find the power button, which can turn on both the output and wireless charging features.

There are three different types of indicators on the power bank. The wireless charging feature will be turned on whenever a Qi-enabled device is in close proximity to the charging area and when the power button is pressed. Doing so will also illuminate the wireless charging indicators.

The solar charging indicator will illuminate green when the solar panels are in direct sunlight, above 25,000lux. This will also enable the solar charger to replenish the device at 180mA.

There is also a four-LED battery power indicator that glows blue whenever the power button is pressed. From left to right, the lights indicate 25%/50%/75%/100% of power left in the unit. While charging the power bank via the micro-USB port, each of the indicator lights will flash in sequence until the device’s battery is completely replenished.

Durability & build quality

This portable charger is constructed with durable and rugged materials to ensure it can survive any impact it may sustain. It’s also made of premium ABS fireproof plastic.

Since it’s shockproof, dustproof, and has an IPX4 splashproof rating, the device is perfect for any outdoor activity, including hiking and/or camping. The shockproof feature means the device will be able to absorb shock and won’t be susceptible to damage if you accidentally drop it.

You can even use it in the rain and the internal circuits won’t get damaged. With the dustproof feature, you’ll be ensured that your device will be kept safe from dust, which can degrade performance.

When you purchase the unit, it will come with a 12-month warranty and lifetime technical support. If you choose to register it via the manufacturer’s website, you’ll be able to add an extra 6 months to it, resulting in an 18-month warranty. If you wish to return the device for any reason, you may do so within 30 days of purchase for a refund.

However, you must pay shipping costs if the return isn’t related to quality issues. If there’s a manufacturing defect in the device, you can exchange it within 12 months of purchase to receive a replacement.

What Others Say About the BLAVOR Power Bank

Very simple, very cool product, very cheap. $28.99, not a a lot of money for a power bank that serves multiple purposes. Hopefully, you never need it. But if you do, it’s better to have it. Digital Slang
You say, hey, it’s a power bank…what’s so exciting about that? Well, there are a couple of things that you should know and why I think this is currently my favorite 10000mAh power bank on the market. JDubb

Pros and Cons




Solar charging

Dustproof, shockproof, and splashproof

Durable, sturdily built



Only one output port

Takes a while to fully charge

You can't fully rely on solar charging

Final Thoughts

Overall, the BLAVOR Qi solar portable charger is powerful, rugged, and perfect for you if you’re going camping or hiking. The device is shockproof, dustproof, and splashproof, which makes it resistant to damages it may otherwise sustain.

It’s also Qi-enabled, which will allow you to replenish any device with wireless charging capabilities.  You can also use solar energy to power it up, so it’s ideal if you plan on going on an outdoor expedition and need something to keep your battery up and running.

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