About Me

Who am I?

About Me 1

Hi, my name’s Radu! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me and why I became obsessed with external batteries!

The story begins with a young man traveling the world in 2012. This was before power banks and portable chargers were readily available.

Eventually, I stumbled across my first power bank and I was amazed! Since then, I’ve been traveling the world, flying on planes, sleeping on buses and commuting to and from work – always with a power bank in tow.

So what started as a practical purchase became a full blown obsession and now I want to spread my knowledge to the masses.

What’s my review philosophy?

I divide our reviews up into the following sub headings:


How does the Power Bank feel when you hold it in your hand? Does it look outdated and cheap or is it sleek and interesting? Has the manufacturer made smart design choices so it’s easy to use? Does it come in a range of colors? These are the kinds of questions I ask myself when I rate this category.


This is all about the quality of components and the general structure of the device. A well made portable charger should be durable and made to last. We all drop our phones now and then, what would happen if you dropped this power bank? Some power banks can have common defects and we like to sniff ’em out and let you know about them before you make your purchase.


An extremely important aspect of a decent external battery or power bank is it’s portability. How compact is it? Will it fit in my pocket? Some power banks are incredibly small but sacrifice size for power. My favorite power banks are easy to carry and pack a punch with high battery capacity.


Charging speed and capacity are never an exact science. I use a formula based on an average battery life and environmental factors. Portability and battery capacity go hand in hand. What’s the point of having a power bank the size of a brick if it can only charge your cell phone once? This is why I provide an average charging rate for popular devices in every review.


Last but certainly not least, value. This is a direct comparison with a portable chargers competitors and how well they rate in relation to their list price. Some power banks might have the same battery capacity and price, but which one looks better? Which one is more durable and has less known problems? Which one is smaller and more practical. All these details affect the value rating given in any particular review.