ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6/S 4.7 inch Battery Case Charger

ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6/S 4.7 inch Battery Case Charger


ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6/S 4.7 inch Battery Case Charger at a glance

We’ve found another nifty product in the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger. Not only is it slim and light-weight (similar to the Trianium iPhone charger), it’s also well built and incredibly sturdy.

  • Pass through syncing/charging
  • Thin & lightweight
  • Smart power button
  • Phone is hard to remove once secure
  • Headphone jack extension a little fiddly
  • Some compatibility issues

Capacity & Charging speed

Boasting a 3100mAh lithium polymer battery, the ZT6 series from ZVOLTZ is capable of doubling the amount of charge on your iPhone 6. Simply follow the instructions to secure the case and when your battery is running low and turn it on.

We recommend setting a timer or keeping an eye on your battery indicator so you can switch it off before it charges completely. In terms of switching it on and off, the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger requires steady pressure for a couple of seconds before anything happens. To us, this is a great addition. No more accidental switching on or off when your phone is in your pocket.

The ZT6 also has sync-through technology – a must in modern case chargers. No more removing your case to charge your phone, or your case battery. It’s also handy to know that the adapter will force you to use a micro-usb cable (included) to charge from now on. We also noticed a few reports of people having compatibility issues with their iPhone. These were rare however and should be covered under warranty.

Please note that the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger is made for the 4.6 inch iPhone only.

How many times will the Trianium Atomic S iPhone 6 Portable Charger charge my device?

iPhone 6s 1.1 times
*Charging rates are a rounded approximation taking into account average battery condition, environmental factors and natural power degradation

Look and feel

We’re really liking the styling of the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger. It’s sleek, somewhat modular looking and suits the general aesthetic of the iPhone 6. The plastic has a slight non-slip surface to it. For some of the more clumsy people, it might be a little too slippery. For us however, it has just the right amount of slip and grip.

The LED indicator on the back shows how much charge is left with a quick glance. These lights stay on while plugged in so charging at night can turn into a somewhat bright affair! There’s a small groove that juts out around the edge of the case. This means you can place your phone screen side down and not worry too much about scratching the screen. To double up for screen safety, there’s also an added screen protector if you choose to use it.

Durability & Construction

Although quite compact, there is a deliberately shaped bumper to help protect the phone in case of droppage. It seems to work really well and we’ve heard no serious complaints about lack of protection. If something does happen, there’s a 1 year warranty to help ease the pain.

Unlike similar products, the case clips open at the top of the device. Once it’s in, the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger stays in! We found it more than a little challenging to remove. Take it for what you will, added security or added annoyance!

Another point of contention is the need for a headphone extension. Maybe widening the hole would compromise the structure of the unit? We’re not sure, but either way, any unnecessary hardware is a negative – especially when it’s a bit tricky to use.


Much like the Trianium, the ZVOLTZ 3100mAh iPhone 6 Battery Case Charger is incredibly thin and doesn’t add a lot of weight to your iPhone. For the added battery life, it’s a worthy sacrifice. The buttons work well with the unit and all in all we’re really happy with size of the ZT6.

Technical Details

Manufacturer ZVOLTZ
Size 5.9 x 2.7 x 0.42 inches
Weight 6.1 ounces
Type Phone Case Charger
Charging Capacity 3100 mAh
USB ports 1
Colors Black/Black, Champagne Gold / Clear, Rose Gold, Silver / Clear

Final Thoughts