Top 10 Best Power banks

Below you will find the highest rated, top 10 best power banks and portable chargers reviewed and rated on The list is ever changing and isn't only limited to the best power banks and portable chargers but also includes solar cell phone chargers and phone case chargers.

Below you will find our rating philosophy and process behind every review on Power Bank Expert.

The best power banks look and feel great. How does the Power Bank feel when you hold it in your hand? Does it look outdated and cheap or is it sleek and interesting? Is it well designed?
This is all about the quality of components and the general structure of the device. The best power banks should be durable and made to last.
An extremely important aspect of a decent external battery or power bank is its portability. Will it fit in your pocket? The best power banks are easy to carry and pack a punch with high battery capacity.
Charging speed and capacity are never an exact science. We use a formula based on an average battery life and environmental factors. What’s the point of having a power bank the size of a brick if it can only charge your cell phone once?
Last but certainly not least, value. This is a direct comparison with a portable chargers competitors and how well they rate in relation to their list price.

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The overall rating is the culmination of all the criteria already discussed. How good is this portable charger really? Use this rating to decide whether you want to buy it or not!

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