Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank (Built-in Lightning & Micro USB Cables)

Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank (Built-in Lightning & Micro USB Cables)

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Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank at a glance

The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank looks to solve 2 or more problems at once. It’s got a built-in Lightning and MicroUSB cable.

  • Sexy look and feel
  • Charge 3 devices at once
  • Built in Lightning and USB cables
  • Some Apple compatibility issues
  • Lightning plug a little short, have to take case off
  • Some broken cables and battery charge issues
*Check out the Jackery brand page here.

Capacity & Charging speed

6000 mAh seems like a great capacity to us here at Power Bank Expert. It’s big enough to charge most phones around twice and small enough that you should be able to fit it in your pocket. The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank uses high quality Panasonic cells and should perform well for most devices.

What makes the Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank unique is that it has two built-in cables. 1 x MFI certified Lightning cable and 1 x Micro USB. In addition to this (which we love!), is a standard Micro USB cable in case you want to use your own. This gives us a grand total of 3 potential charging points. And yes, you can use them all at the same time. Pretty impressive for a device of this size. Especially for those with iOS devices.

We also love the pass through charging that Jackery offers on most if not all of it’s products. It’s easy and simple to charge your power bank and keep your devices plugged in at the same time. Although this is convenient, it does shorten the overall lifespan of your battery so we recommend keeping this to a minimum.

Unfortunately, there is a problem. The Lightning cable has been reported as a bit faulty with certain Apple devices. Compatibility issues are never fun and often hard to pin down. If your main selling point is indeed the ability to use this with Apple products, it’s hard to imagine much confidence in the product. There were also some instances of the battery not lasting long and various power issues.

Jackery’s customer service is top notch though and they offer an 18 month warranty on their faulty products.

How many times will the Jackery Bar 6000 mAh External Battery Charger charge my device?

iPhone 5s 2.5 times
iPhone 6s 2.2 times
iPhone 7 2 times
Samsung Galaxy S6 1.4 times
Samsung Galaxy S7 1.3 times
Samsung Galaxy Note7 1.1 times
Sony Xperia Z 1.7 times
HTC One M7 1.7 times
iPad Mini 0.6 times
iPad Air 2 0.6 times
iPad Pro 9.7 0.6 times
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 0.7 times
*Charging rates are a rounded approximation taking into account average battery condition, environmental factors and natural power degradation

Look and feel

I have to say, this is a nice looking unit. The finish has a nice shine to it and the aluminium case feels sturdy and strong.

The cables themselves stow away nicely but fold out a little awkwardly. When charging two devices, the cable plugs are faced in a difficult angle so they don’t easily stack. What’s worse is that the lightning cable plug is almost impossible to plug into your iPhone if you have a case. Be prepared to remove your case if you want to charge your iPhone.

There is a handy little flashlight at the end of the unit. It shares the space with both the USB and micro USB ports. The cables are soft and flexible and it really is an attractive portable charger. The battery indicators are 4 blue LED’s which turn off depending on charge and they sit on the flat side of the unit.

Durability & Construction

The Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank is built to last. Jackery chargers are amongst the most sturdy and well constructed shells on the market at this price point. The same unfortunately can’t be said for the cables which have been known to break on occasion.

Structurally sound and cleverly designed, if you don’t have battery or compatibility issues with the Jackery Bolt 6000 mAh Power Bank it will last a very long time.


If it’s one thing the Jackery Bolt is, it’s portable. One of the smaller 6000mAh units on the market, it will fit in your pocket and is a clever shape for most situations. On top of this, you don’t need your own cables!

It’s quite compact and even lighter than it’s brother, the Jackery Bar 6000mAh. Although it is a little bigger.

Technical Details

Manufacturer Jackery
Size 4.3 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches
Weight 5.28 ounces
Type Power Bank
Charging Capacity 6000 mAh
USB ports 1 x USB, 1 x Micro USB cable, 1 x Lightning cable
Colors Black

Final Thoughts