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RAVPower is now iSmart on Amazon

RAVPower is now iSmart on Amazon

Following the deactivation of RAVPower’s listings on Amazon, the company has begun selling its products under a new brand named iSmart. The products are identical to those offered by RAVPower; the only difference is the name. This business employs this strategy to circumvent Amazon’s ban on their primary brand and continue selling their items.

As such, it’s worth noting that RAVPower has not rebranded and is instead selling its items on Amazon under a different name. RAVPower continues to sell its products under the RAVPower brand on other marketplaces and through its own website.

Although this company has its website and is well-positioned in Google search results, its strategy clearly indicates that most revenue comes from Amazon. Additionally, since being removed from Amazon, this firm has been slow in delivering orders, implying that the loss of Amazon warehousing as part of its logistics has impacted its business.

The new iSmart Amazon store

RAVPower has deleted all references to this company from the product description, product images, and product videos to circumvent the restriction. Although this approach was successful, buyers in the review section have uploaded product images with the RAVPower branding. Also, the product images and customer photos are absent of the iSmart branding. Therefore, customer photos can expose this brand’s strategy to Amazon and ruin everything for them; on the other side, it seems unlikely that Amazon hasn’t noticed them yet, and perhaps they are simply letting the brand breathe.

Notably, even though the iSmart product listings are new, they are receiving incredibly positive ratings and reviews, confirming two facts: The first is that the items are of higher quality regardless of which name they are manufactured under. Two, the brand did not require a product insert to solicit reviews, as they already receive many reviews, most of which are positive. 

Why RAVPower got removed from Amazon

With the proliferation of online retailers, UGC (user-generated content) has demonstrated the most significant influence on customer decision-making. As a result, Amazon has been battling tooth and nail to remove fake reviews to provide customers with a better purchasing experience.  Furthermore, in a tweet and article, Nicole Nguyen of the Wall Street Journal published her story on June 13 about purchasing a wall charger from RAVPower and receiving a gift card as an insert requesting a review.

This article discussed how sellers are profiting from the online buying craze by employing traditional and innovative techniques to increase product ratings. Later, Amazon deleted RAVPower’s listing, resulting in a “Page Not Found” error message for shoppers. According to Amazon’s seller policies, “A seller inserts a request for a positive Amazon review or an incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging or shipping box.” However, Donny Dong, VP of Sales at Sunvalley Group, which handles the RAVPower brand in the US, argues that the company doesn’t solicit five-star ratings from buyers in exchange for monetary rewards.

Numerous brands prior to RAVPower handled similarly, including Aukey, Mpow, Tomtop, Vava, and TaoTronics. It is worth noting that, Sunvalley group, which also owns RAVPower, owns the two latter brands.