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3 power bank gift ideas

Power banks can make some really great & practical gifts. It’s the type of present that will be used for a long time. They’re a perfect alternative to the classic gag gifts, which quickly lose their appeal and end up just taking space in people’s homes.

For the right person, getting a power bank as a gift can actually mean a lot. It will increase their overall flexibility and independence. And the fact is that most people don’t even realize how much they needed a power bank until they actually own one for the first time. This is why it’s a safe gift to give if you know for sure that the received does not already have a portable charger.

In this article, we’ve put together what we believe to be some of the best power bank gift ideas for your inspiration.

1. Power bank gift set

AMENER Power Bank Gift Set

  • 10000mAh power bank
  • Wireless mouse
  • Dual input 32GB flash drive
  • Charging cable with multiple adaptors
  • Touchscreen pen
  • Cable savers
  • Two colors: black and pink

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This is an all-around great power bank gift pack as it offers a lot of different features. The main item is, of course, the 1000mAh power bank, which one of the most popular capacities when it comes to portable chargers. Large enough to charge an average smartphone 2 or 3 times, but small enough so that the power bank is not too bulky or too heavy. Furthermore, the power bank itself is made out of a durable aluminum alloy and it features two USB output ports.

Besides the 10000mAh power bank, the package also contains a wireless mouse. Since it has it’s own rechargeable battery, it does not require any battery changes, which is a great feature. Moreover, it can actually be charged directly by the power bank using the included charging cable.

Next is the 32GB memory stick which is pretty unique since it has two different types of connectors: USB and micro USB. These things always come in handy. So anyone that would receive them as part of the gift will surely make good use of them.

Next comes the pen which has a rubber end that doubles as a touchscreen pen and which is compatible with both smartphone and tablet screens. Finally, the package is completed by a 3 in 1 charging cable, a USB type C adaptor, and two cable saviors.

2. Cute power banks

Yoobao 10000mAh Portable Charger

  • 10000mAh power bank
  • Cute and compact design
  • Two USB type A output ports
  • USB type C and Lightning input ports
  • Weight: 6.7 oz / 190 g

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If you’re looking to buy a power bank for a teenager or otherwise young-spirited person, you can’t go wrong by choosing one that has a cute design. There are multiple portable charger models that combine their practicability with some spruced-up design patterns. Their cuteness factor makes them an easy conversation subject and it encourages their owners to display them more out in the open, as opposes to keeping them hidden in pockets, backpacks, or handbags.

One such item is the Yoobao 10000mAh portable charger which comes with both plenty of charging capacity and a cute design. At 1000mAh you can charge the iPhone 11 2.2 times and the Samsung S9 2.3 times. With two USB type A ports, it can charger two devices simultaneously. Furthermore, it also has a decent recharging time of 6 hours.

In terms of design, it comes in two options: a cute fire-breathing dragon with a birthday hat with the word “Luck” written above it, and a giggling cat with a crown on a pink background surrounded by 3 floating hearts. Depending on who you want to gift this item two, one of the two designs is better suited. This could also be an option for a brother/sister gift. Basically the same present but with a different design.

power bank gift

But as previously mentioned, there are multiple portable chargers with cute designs. If you want to see more models, go ahead and see our selection in this previous article on the same topic.

3. Smart backpack with included power bank

Voltaic Systems Solar Backpack with Power Bank

  • 24000mAh power bank included
  • Solar charging feature
  • Can fit a 15 inc laptop and a 10-inch tablet
  • Multiple practical compartments
  • Solid 2-year warranty

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If you’re looking to gift more than a simple power bank than the backpack-portable charger combo might be what you’re looking for. The thing is that power banks are highly useful devices especially when it comes to travel, regardless if you’re flying internationally or just going about your dull local commute. Thus the backpack and power bank combination is a highly natural one. Such a combo would make a great gift for someone that’s on the road a lot or even for students that are always on the go and in need of staying connected.

When searching for such backpacks, you’ll notice that many of them, although they look very good, don’t come with actual power banks. Instead, you’d need to purchase one separately. This is why we made sure to mention a backpack that actually includes a power bank such as the Voltaic Systems solar backpack.

As the name implies, besides having a power bank, this backpack also features a solar panel that you can use to charge the battery. This a very neat feature that few backpacks come with. The solar panel can charge a phone by itself in about 3.5h of direct sunlight. However, it’s best if the panel is connected to the included 24000mAh power bank since the battery can also act as a current regulator as solar energy is generated in spikes that are not ideal for a smartphone battery life.

If you’re set on gifting a backpack with included power bank, but you feel that the Voltaic Systems solar backpack is not the right choice, then go ahead and read our previous article on this topic where we list several backpacks with portable chargers.

Some tips for buying a power bank as a gift

Here are some tips for buying a power bank for someone else, especially if you’re not too experienced and you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for:

  • The main benefit of a power bank is that it’s a practical device. Don’t overlook this aspect during your shopping research. Choose it for practicality, not for the looks.
  • Avoid buying a power bank from no-name brands with questionable product quality. It’s better to spend a few dollars extra and buy a quality product from a reputable brand instead.
  • Aim to find a device that suits the personality of the gift receiver. If they’re a big outdoors fan, then a waterproof power bank would be nice. If they have a minimal lifestyle, then a credit card power bank will be better suited. Gamers might enjoy a Nintendo Switch power bank etc.
  • If possible try getting a power bank with fast charging technologies such as Quick Charge or Power Delivery.

For more inspiration on various power bank models, check out our review section or our curated list of the best portable chargers.