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Here, at PowerBankExpert.com, we’re researching and reviewing power banks day-in, day-out. As we go about our work, we often encounter good deals and discounts from various power bank brands. After a while, it dawned on us that it would be a good idea for potential customers to have access to a list of active voucher codes that can be used to get real discounts on top power banks.

This is why we started to centralize all the important discount codes which we run across during our daily research. The goal is to make it available to our email subscribers as a way to say thanks for consulting our site before choosing the right portable charger for them.

We’re constantly updating the list by adding new discount codes or by removing those that have expired or are no longer valid. However, if you do signup to see our curated vouchers list and you find a discount coupon that is no longer working, do let us know so that we can swiftly update it.

Here’s what you should know before signing up to our newsletter and seeing the list:

  • We strive to only include power bank discounts from reputable brands. If we’re not sure that a brand produces high-quality portable chargers, then we don’t add it to our list, even though the discount might be massive
  • The average discount rates are somewhere between 10% and 20% and depending on the overall value of the charger you want to buy, they can save you up to $100 or more.
  • Once you get access to the list, we’d like to ask you to keep it for yourself. We created it especially for our newsletter subscribers as a way to say thank you for visiting our site.

Last but not least, you might also be interested in Black Friday discounts which are usually more substantial in value. For this occasion, we prepared a dedicated page here: Black Friday power bank deals and discounts. We will be in touch with power bank brands and we’ll publish the best offers on that page as Black Friday gets close. If you want to get notified when the discounts go live, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. We will send a message to all our subscribers as soon as we publish the Black Friday discounts.

Other than that, please let us know if you happen to see any voucher or discount code that we shared and which is not active anymore. Power bank brands are always activating and deactivating these codes, so there is no telling when they don’t work anymore. But you can be sure that we’re always adding new codes that are currently active and that can be used instantly.