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dullam50000Brand rating: ★★★★ Brand website: http://www.idulla.com All Dulla products: Click here

About Dulla

In a sea of Chinese manufacturers of Power Banks, Dulla stands tall against the competition. A reasonably new venture, Dulla is the brainchild of ex-Alibaba staff who went on to pursue the world of portable chargers! Don’t let the spelling mistakes on the official website put you off, Dulla is a meticulous brand shaking things up in the power bank scene. Although admittedly small, Dulla has gained a reputation for affordable, sleek and portable power banks that rarely malfunction.

What products does Dulla sell?

Besides selling traditional power banks, Dulla made a brief foray into the world of built-in phone chargers. It now appears they are concentrating on improving on their original designs. The Dulla m50000 12000mAh (check our review here) was the first Power Bank that took our eye. It’s a streamlined design and high charging speed claims got me curious for a taste. dulla case After testing I was really impressed. The product didn’t feel tacky or cheap at all and is an awesome shape to slide into your bag. Although charging speeds weren’t as impressive as I had hoped, it certainly showed me that you can purchase outside of the huge brands and still find quality and value. Some complaint about ineffective USB cables was a bit concerning but overall, I was pretty happy. It seems now that Dulla has improved on their previous model with the Dulla 10000mAh. Although a similar price, this new offering from Dulla looks promising (although I’ve not yet had a look). Gone is the sleek design, but what it lost in curves it more than makes up for in capacity. Unfortunately, they have ditched the 2 x 2.4A USB outputs and gone with 1 x 2.4A and 1 x 1.5A. I’ll try to snag a look at this new power bank to see how it performs. One of their most exciting products is the Dulla Magnetic Mini Charger. It uses a magnet to attach it to the back of your iPhone. With a built-in lightning cable, it’s easy to hold the power bank and iPhone in your hand at the same time. Very clever! It’s only rated at 5000mAh (almost 2 charges of an iPhone) but it’s very thin seems to work well.

Final thoughts

It’s hard to say right now which direction Dulla will go in. For now, they are a solid brand with great customer service and great products. The key for Dulla is to keep up the quality control and make sure their products continue to perform well. I’m a happy customer and I’ll really like to see Dulla consolidate a bit more in the industry.

Dulla M50000 12000mAh Power Bank

The Dulla M50000 12000mAh Power Bank offers a competitive size, weight and power combination at this price point. Its sleek looks make it stand out of the crowd.

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