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Brand rating: ★★★★★
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About Aukey

Another Power Bank Behemoth, Aukey are in a league of their own. Matched in quality, range and customer service only by some of the industries best companies.

Aukey not only put out up to date, affordable power banks, they also dabble in a variety of tech sub categories. I've been testing and using Aukey products for a long time and even their older models still hold up.

There's no doubt that Aukey is one of the bigger power bank companies around. They boast distribution in more than 20 countries and their presence on Amazon.com is hard to miss. So just what do Aukey offer in terms of product range?

What products do Aukey sell?

Aukey products
Aukey certainly don't mind getting their feet wet in the electronics market. They have a range of lenses for smart phones, audio accessories and even gaming keyboards and peripherals.

Where I think they really shine however, is in their power banks. Aukey power banks always caught my eye as well designed and generally pretty attractive products. The Aukey 10400mAh that I reviewed in April has since been eclipsed by the newer, slimmer Aukey 10000mAh.

The older 10400 still holds up and in fact, it also now supports QC 3.0. The fact that Aukey retroactively updates the capabilities of it's older models as new technologies appear is one of the reasons Aukey sells so well. I loved the 10400 for it's awesome value and incredibly quick charging. They certainly keep up to date with the latest technologies.

Aukey run the full gamut with their power banks, every where from the the lipstick shaped USB-C 5000mAh power bank to the huge 30,000mAh which looks it like could be one of the most reliable heavy duty power banks on the market.

Aukey are now dipping their toes into the solar power bank market and I look forward to trying them.


Final thoughts

Certainly one of the most reliable and popular brands on the market, Aukey provide up to date, quality power banks. With huge production numbers comes a little bit of uncertainty that your unit is going to work as well as the next one.

Luckily Aukey has a great track record with returns and decent customer communication. Honestly, it's a pretty safe bet buying an Aukey.

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