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Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger

Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger


Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger at a glance

In a relatively new product category, we’re happy to report that the Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger stacks up well against the competition. Its three fold-out solar panels supply a very useable amount of power to keep your devices topped up when out and about in the great outdoors. What’s more, its solid construction and rugged good looks make this a solar battery charger to take note of. Get your power straight from the sun – what’s not to like about that?

  • Design makes it easy to mount and secure to receive maximum sun exposure
  • High quality components and materials
  • Max Wattage unrealistic

Capacity & Charging speed

The Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger uses high-quality, American made solar panels from SunPower. These are the same brand of panels used on the Solar Impulse 2 – which recently set a world record for first solar plane to fly around the world.

It comes with two USB output ports which will deliver up to 3A (when two USB port are used simultaneously) and up to 2A (when a single USB port is used). The Nekteck also includes a smart IC chip, which intelligently identifies your device and safely delivers the maximum possible charging speed.

We should point out that the power claims by manufacturers of solar battery chargers are a little optimistic at best. These optimistic power claims are wide-spread across the different brands and relate to the amount of power likely to be reproduced in ideal circumstances. However, in real world conditions when you take efficiency levels into consideration, the actual figure is lower.

In this case you can expect to get about 10W from the Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger under full sun. This is still a very useable amount of power – for instance we saw an iPhone 6S charge from 30% to 100% in roughly 3 hours in afternoon sunlight.

Look and feel

The Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger is quite a cool looking bit of kit. Its made of matt black canvas with aqua highlights, and unfolds to reveal three solar panels. A zippered mesh section on the inner side of the unit contains the USB output ports. This is a really handy location to store your phone, tablet, or power bank safely whilst charging the device.

The Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger comes with a 39 inch Micro USB Cable, user manual and 12 month warranty

Durability & Construction

As mentioned earlier in this review, the Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger uses high-quality solar panels from SunPower. As well as being efficient these solar panels are very durable.

This solar battery charger feels really well put together. The canvas construction feels sturdy and made-to-last. The metal eye-ring and rope loops used to secure and mount the unit also look extremely rugged, giving the Nekteck the feel of a serious piece of hiking or climbing gear. Not to mention that it is water-resistant – top marks here!


The Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger weighs in at 1.2 pounds and neatly folds up to measure 12.9 x 6.7 x 1.7 inches. Whilst not the smallest or lightest piece of gear, it is still totally practical to take with you on a camping, fishing, hiking or back packing adventure. And to be able to harness a meaningful amount of solar power, it really needs to have the three solar panels (which are what contribute to its size and weight.)

There’s something very satisfying about charging your devices straight from the sun, and the Nekteck 20W Solar Battery Charger makes it easy to do so. When unfolded to its full size, the metal eye-ring makes it simple to secure to the top of your back pack so you can charge as you hike. The 6 durable rope loops similarly make it a cinch to tie down and secure the Nekteck. This is incredibly useful on a windy day. As to work efficiently it needs to be angled to receive maximum sunlight – a gusty breeze would make that impossible (unless secured).

Technical Details

Manufacturer Nekteck
Size (folded) 12.9 x 6.7 x 1.7 inches
Weight 1.2 pounds
Type Solar Battery Charger
Max Wattage 20W
USB ports 2
Colors Standard

Final Thoughts