KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank

KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank

The KMASHI 10000mAh is no longer available.

Search instead for other KMASHI power banks.

Or check out the similar Anker PowerCore 10000mAh.

The KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank has a funky design and packs a lot of power into a relatively small package. Despite a few manufacturing issues, the KMASHI features an efficient, high capacity battery at a ridiculous price. Featuring 2 USB ports and overcharge protection, this could this be the best value portable charger on the market.

  • Incredible value
  • Automatic shut down after charging
  • Efficient Battery
  • 5V adaptor not included
  • Some cases of overheating
  • Questionable materials quality

Capacity & Charging speed

The KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank boasts a pretty high power output for the price. It has 2 USB ports rated at different speeds, 1A and 2.4A. Even though I appreciate the usefulness of 2 USB ports, I would have loved to see both ports run at 2.4A each. When tested the USB speeds of the KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank were up and down and didn’t necessarily reflect KMASHI’s claims. The unit itself takes a little over 7 hours to charge with a 5V 2.1A power source.

In saying that, the five ultra high density lithium batteries that sit inside the unit worked really well. In fact, I was quite impressed at how much charge I got out of the unit. With a power bank of this price, you could expect a lot less. It also features a cool shut down feature that ensures you don’t overcharge your device, or drain your power bank.

On the flip side, when you pay less, you get less. There have been reports of this battery overheating (and melting!) and inconsistencies with manufacturing could be an issue. Especially due to the fact that KMASHI don’t offer a warranty that I could find.

How many times will the KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank charge my device?

iPhone 5s4.2 times
iPhone 6s3.6 times
Samsung Galaxy S62.3 times
Samsung Galaxy S72.2 times
Samsung Galaxy Note 71.9 times
Sony Xperia Z2.8 times
HTC One M72.8 times
iPad Mini1 times
iPad Air 20.9 times
iPad Pro 9.70.9 times
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.71.1 times
*Charging rates are a rounded approximation taking into account average battery condition, environmental factors and natural power degradation

Look and feel

The KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank actually looks pretty cool. The red and black color scheme and the shape give it a hip, modern look. The two USB ports are located at the end of the unit whilst the micro USB input, LED battery indicators and power button are on the long edge.

It does feel a little brittle and fragile compared to similar products despite its weight. I suspect some cost cutting in the manufacture which is to be expected.

Additionally, the power button acts a little different to what one would expect. Holding the button down for too long will result in the power bank switching off. It seems as if the delay to power the unit on is extremely short and only needs a little bit of pressure.

Durability & Construction

The KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank comes with 1 Micro USB charger cable (iPhone/Samsung Galaxy S5 Note 3 cable not included) and a user manual. Unfortunately, if you want to use the portable charger to its full capacity, you will need to purchase the 5V adapter separately.

Durability wise I think you get what you pay for here. Reports of a few overheating units, USB input issues and power button malfunctions might prevent some from laying down too much trust in the KMASHI. Although these reports are few and far between, it’s obvious that there have been some cost cutting exercises in the manufacturing process.


The KMASHI 10000mAh Power Bank sits at 6.8 x 4.8 x 0.9 inches which is a little bigger and a fair amount heavier than a iPhone 6S Plus. The shape of the portable charger looks economical enough however I’m a little dubious as to whether or not it’s a “pocket” item. Taking into consideration the mAh, it’s certainly a reasonable size and would easily fit in a medium sized travel bag or purse.

Technical Details

Size6.8 x 4.8 x 0.9 inches
Weight9.8 ounces
TypePower Bank
Charging Capacity10000 mAh
USB ports2
ColorsBlack, Black/Red

The KMASHI 10000mAh is no longer available.

Search instead for other KMASHI power banks.

Or check out the similar Anker PowerCore 10000mAh.