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Can you charge a power bank with a phone charger?

Can you charge a power bank with a phone charger?

Yes, it is possible to charge your power bank with your phone charger!

In fact, most power banks come without a charger when you buy them. Thus it’s the customer’s responsibility to get an adequate charger for their power bank. Ideally, you’d purchase a compatible charger from the same brand as the power bank. However, the majority of people simply use their mobile chargers to recharge their power banks.

Before proceeding to use your phone charger to charge your power bank you should be mindful of the following aspects:

  • If your mobile charger delivers a low power output (for example 5V/1A), then your power bank will take a longer time to charge. In order to check the output of your phone charger, please check its sides. The information should be printed on one of the sides of the device. Alternatively, you can check with the manufacturer. On the other hand, in the unlikely scenario in which the phone charger provides a higher voltage than what the power bank requires, then you should avoid using that specific charger.
  • You will need a compatible charging cable. If for example you own an iPhone which uses a Lightning port to get charged, and your power bank uses a Micro USB or a USB type C port to get charged, then obviously you’d need an extra cable just for charging the power bank. Sometimes, power banks do come with their own charging cables though, case in which you won’t need to get an extra cable.
  • If the phone charger has a low-quality built, then the power bank might heat up during the charging process. It’s generally not advisable to use low-quality chargers for powering your devices.
  • If your power bank has a quick charging technology such as Power Delivery or Quick Charge and your mobile charger does not future it, then the charging time will be regular. The same goes true if the phone charger has a fast-charging feature but the power bank does not, or if they both have fast charging but if each has a different type of fast charging.

Fast charging adaptors

In case your mobile charger delivers a low amount of power and your power bank takes a really long time to charge, then you should consider upgrading the phone charger. Nowadays, the charging technology has developed a lot and some of the current charger models you can buy can deliver a lot of power. In fact, some of them are able to charge laptops or even multiple devices at the same time.

Some of the best fast charging technologies in wall adaptors are Power Delivery (PD), Qualcomm Quick Charge, and Gallium Nitride (GaN). You may want to check out our previous roundups of some of the best chargers:

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