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5 of the best power banks with built-in lightning cables

Power banks with built-in lightning cables can be very useful for iPhone owners. You no longer have to worry if you have the right charging cables with you, especially if you’re used to relying on asking other people for them. There is a wide range of these devices available on the market today and it can be difficult to know which one to purchase. This article will help guide you in the right direction, depending on what your needs are.

1. myCharge HubMax 10050mAh with built-in cables & wall plug

myCharge HubMax 10050mAh

  • Capacity: 10500mAh
  • Ports: 1 USB type-A
  • Built-in lightning & USB type C cables
  • Includes foldable wall plug
  • Recharging time: 4.5h
  • Weight: 12 oz / 340 g

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Not only can the myCharge HubMax 10050mAh power bank charge Apple and Android devices with 3.4A shared output, but it also functions as its own wall adapter. This means you can plug it into the wall so it can recharge itself. It’s advantageous since you can also connect your devices while it’s powering up. An upside to using this power bank is that it can charge your smartphone up to 3x faster than Apple’s iPhone charger. It has two built-in cables (Lightning and USB type C) and a USB-A port for other devices.

Made from premium materials, this device can survive tough conditions and it’s compact and small enough to take with you when you’re on the go. It can fit just about anywhere, including your pocket.

What we like about it
  • Built-in foldable prongs
  • Lightning and USB C charging cables
  • Fast recharging time
  • Light and compact
What we dislike about it
  • Short charging cords
  • Premium price

2. TNTOR 5000mAh wallet-sized power bank

TNTOR 5000mAh wallet-sized power bank

  • Capacity: 5000mAh
  • Ports: Micro-USB, Lightning output
  • Built-in lightning cable
  • Smart IC chips
  • Recharging time: 3h
  • Weight: 5.3oz/115g

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This power bank is ultra-slim, making it easier to put into your pocket or even a wallet. It comes with a built-in Lightning cable with a rating of 5V/1.5A that can charge Apple devices. The input rating is 5V/1.5A, which means it will take at least 3 hours to fully recharge. It has been designed with safety in mind. The Smart IC chips are PD-compatible. It has short-circuit protection to ensure there is no current overcharge and discharge.

What we like about it
  • Ultra slim power bank
  • Lightning cable included
  • Very light and compact
What we dislike about it
  • Small capacity
  • Short charging cable

3. Luxtude 10000mAh Apple-certified power bank

Luxtude 10000mAh Apple-certified power bank

  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Built-in lightning cable
  • Slim profile
  • Recharging time: 3-4h
  • Weight: 8 oz/263 g

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Ultimately, you won’t have any issues carrying Luxtude’s 10000mAh power bank around since it’s very slim and can fit in your pocket, palm, or purse. It can quickly charge your iPhone via the built-in Lightning charging cable, which has a rating of 5V/2.4A. It’s compatible with the majority of iPhone models and it can charge iPads too. Furthermore, it comes with pass-through charging which can come in handy when you need to charge both your iPhone and your charger simultaneously.

With its 10000mAh capacity, it can charge the iPhone 8 3.6 times. You can expect the power bank to last for a while since it has an aluminum alloy shell and it’s also fire-resistant.

What we like about it
  • Lightning cable included
  • Apple-certified
  • Slim and compact
  • Can power two different devices simultaneously
What we dislike about it
  • The built-in Lightning cable is short

4. iWALK 9000mAh Power Bank

iWALK 9000mAh Power Bank

  • Capacity: 9000mAh
  • Ports: Bi-directional USB-C input/output port
  • Built-in Lightning cable
  • Compact
  • Weight: 12.6 oz/357 g

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The iWALK 9000mAh power bank is pretty unique. For starters, it features a built-in Lightning cable capable of quickly charging an Apple device. There is also a bi-directional USB-C input/output port that charges the power bank and an Android smartphone. Both the Lightning cable and USB-C port can be used to power two devices simultaneously.

The power bank’s capacity is large enough to charge an iPhone 12 Mini 2.8 times. Not only that, but the compact size means it can fit anywhere, including a pocket, backpack, and other small spaces.

What we like about it
  • Built-in Lightning cable
  • USB type C port
  • Can power two devices simultaneously
What we dislike about it
  • Rather small capacity

5. KONFULON 10000mAh power bank with built-in Lightning cable

KONFULON 10000mAh power bank

  • Capacity: 10000mAh
  • Ports: Lightning input, micro input, Type-C input, USB-A output
  • Built-in lightning cable
  • Weight: 7 oz / 198 grams

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Or buy on konfulononline.com or on Ebay.com

You can use this KONFULON 10000mAh to charge both your Apple and Android products. The USB-A output port and built-in Lightning cable have a rating of 2.1A, allowing your connected devices to be quickly charged simultaneously. The attached carabiner makes it very easy to carry around, providing you with an added benefit. With that in mind, the slim build means it can be stored in your pocket, bag, or compartment. It also features a Type-C input, Lightning input, and micro input port, allowing you to recharge this power bank in three different ways. 

What we like about it
  • The built-in Lightning cable is quite long
  • 3 different input ports
  • One USB type A output port
  • The charging cord also works as a hoop
What we dislike about it
  • Slightly larger and heavier in real-life compared to the marketing pics

Advantages and disadvantages of power banks with built-in charging cables

Power banks with built-in charging cables have some advantages and disadvantages that can impact their usability. Here are some of the key advantages/disadvantages:


  • Right cables: You will always have the exact charging cables you’ll need with you. This is beneficial because you won’t have to worry about using the wrong cable since the built-in cables are already compatible with your device. For example, some power banks have built-in Lighting cables, which are only compatible with Apple devices. That alone makes them a perfect fit for Apple products.
  • Less cable clutter: These power banks will keep your backpack or purse neat and tidy. We all know the dreaded cable tangle balls that magically form 5 minutes after neatly placing them in a pocket. It’s time to say goodbye to this unexplained phenomenon. 
  • Faster charging time: The built-in cables are short, but that can be a pretty good thing because they provide a faster charge compared to longer cables. This is because the cable has less resistance due to its length, causing a voltage drop across the cable.


  • Short cable length: The charging cables in power banks are usually pretty short. These cables are designed to go inside the power bank, which means they’re short stems that can be pulled out of the charger and put back inside. These cables can’t bend to suit the device as it’s being held while charging. It’s also problematic when considering the portability of power banks. If someone is traveling with one, they will need to ensure both the device and power bank are facing each other.
  • Doesn’t support incompatible devices: The biggest disadvantage is that the built-in charging cable could only be compatible with a specific device and its charging method. For example, if a power bank has a built-in Micro USB charging cable, then it won’t work with an iPhone because it uses a Lightning cable. This is a downside for anyone who wants to use the power bank, but won’t be able to because the charging cable isn’t compatible with their device.
  • The charging cable could be fragile: Built-in charging cables may break easily and not last long, which is a bigger hindrance because it’s built into the power bank. It’s impossible to replace the cables if they break, which means the power bank becomes unusable.

Wrap up

The power banks with built-in lightning cables listed here can come in pretty handy for you. They all offer a number of different features that may be suitable for your needs too, depending on what you’re looking for. We believe these are some of the best power banks with built-in lightning cables that are available on the market. You should let us know if there are others that you find more appealing. We’d love to hear more feedback on these types of power banks.

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