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Best Portable Phone Chargers for Music Festivals

Best Portable Phone Chargers for Music Festivals

Although they have their origins in the 60’s hippie movement, music festivals have greatly increased in popularity just over the last decade or so. Most of them take between two to five days, usually spanning over a weekend. However, there also are week-long festivals or even longer ones.

There’s a great appeal in joining a community of like-minded people for a few days and sharing intense experiences of all kinds. But even so, most people need to stay powered-up during the whole festival. Either in order to take pictures and videos of their favorite events, to communicate with friends that are also attending, to use the phone flashlight during at night, etc.

In order to satisfy this need, most festivals do offer power outlets either directly or via 3rd party vendors. But the downside is that you sometimes need to pay to get access to power. And if they are free, there’s usually a big queue, so charging a phone might take hours. In some cases, these charging facilities might not even work at all! So it’s best not to rely on the festival’s power supply and bring your own.

In the end, packing your own power bank will save you a lot of potential headaches and will increase your freedom within the festival grounds. But with so many portable charger options out there, which one to buy?

There are some good all-rounders out there, but depending on your personal needs, you might want to look for specific characteristics. For example, some festivals might get a lot of rain, case in which you’d want a waterproof power bank. While others such as Burning Man can be in the middle of the desert in arid and dusty conditions, where a solar-powered portable charger can come in very handy.

In this article, we made an effort to single out the best options according to the most common festival needs. Most people attend music festivals in groups, so we’ve also included a selection of phone chargers with multiple devices to charge your friend’s phone, too.

The Best Portable Phone Chargers for Music Festivals

Portable chargers are a great way to continue using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop during a festival. Ideally, you’d have a high-capacity power bank with fast charging, that will allow you to quickly charge your device multiple times. But most likely, you’ll need to compromise power for a lightweight design to avoid extra baggage at a festival.


Best Overall Portable Charger: the ZeroLemon SolarJuice 26800mAh

ZEROLEMON 26800mAh Survival Power Bank

  • Maximum output of 26800mAh
  • Rain, dust, and shock-resistant
  • LED flashlight with four modes
  • Solar energy technology
  • Built-in safety technology

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From our point of view, the ZeroLemon SolarJuice is the best all-around portable phone charger for music festivals. It features Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging for quickly powering-up your devices. This technology, developed by Qualcomm, enables your device to receive the perfect voltage and current optimized to its exact charging needs.

This shock-proof device has a generous 26800mAh capacity and features solar energy technology. So you can recharge the device while it’s exposed to the direct sunlight. Truth be told, the solar charging process can be slow, but it can come in very handy nonetheless. It also comes with a flashlight, making it a valuable feature for optimum visibility in low-light conditions at a festival.

This device is compatible with a range of smartphones, thanks to the USB-C port. This means it can charge devices including iPhone XS Max, iPad Pro, Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Pixel, MacBook, Nintendo Switch, and more. It’s also useful to have three ports so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously.

ZeroLemon SolarJuice has a large power output that lasts three to five days. Once this portable phone charger has fully drained, it takes around 24 hours to fully recharge via a wall charger. This power bank ideal for both rainy and dry festivals. It’s shock, rain, and dirt resistant, so it will remain working, even if it’s exposed to a range of weather conditions.

It also features a handy hook that you can use in order to hang the SolarJuice to your backpack or tent.


Best for Weekend Festivals: the Anker PowerCore 10000mAh

Anker PowerCore 10000, Ultra-Compact Portable Charger, High-Speed Charging Technology

  • Fast charging technology up to 2.4amps
  • Maximum output power of 10000mAh
  • Purchase includes a travel pouch
  • Lightweight at 6.35 ounces

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The Anker PowerCore phone charger provides two to three days of charge for your smartphone, making it the perfect solution for a weekend festival. It features Anker’s exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost to charge your device quickly, so you can boost our phone’s battery in minutes.

One of the biggest features of this portable phone charger is that it is fully charged in less than five hours. Once boosted, it can charge an iPhone X, 2.4 times, an iPhone 8, 3.6 times, and a Samsung S9, 2.2 times.

The device features a USB-A output, making it compatible with most USB-charge devices, including iPhone 8, Android smartphones, tablets, USB-B MacBooks, iPad, and more. On average, it can fully charge a tablet once.

This charger is available in four colors, though it has more emphasis on convenience and portability than style. It weighs just over six ounces and is smaller than a deck of playing cards, making it perfect for festival-goers.

Overall, this is a great power bank to have in your belt pouch as you move around the festival during the day. Easily top up your phone as you go and potentially help other festival-goers in need of some extra juice.


Best for Very Long Festivals: The Renogy 72000mAh

Renogy 72000mAh Laptop Power Bank, High Capacity with Backup LED Flashlight

  • Maximum power output of 7200mAh for a long-lasting portable charger
  • Superior safety features, including over-voltage, over-heat, and more
  • Features one USB-A port, two USB Type C ports, a laptop port, and cigarette lighter port
  • Ultra-bright LED flashlight

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The Renogy 72000mAh features an ultra-high-capacity with a maximum output of 7200mAh. If you’re attending a long festival without access to a power outlet, the Renogy portable charger can potentially last for weeks. This device can charge an iPhone X over 18 times.

This charger features one USB-A port, two USB Type C ports, a laptop output port, and a cigarette lighter port. As such, it can charge a wide range of devices, including phones, tablets, mini-fridges, UAB batteries, and laptops. Your purchase also includes 8 adapters for mainstream laptops, making it excellent value for money and suitable for using your laptop while you’re away from home.

It’s incredibly user-friendly and features eight LED battery indicators to display real-time battery levels. Therefore, you’ll never suddenly run out of charge. Plus, with the built-in ventilation system, it effectively dissipates excessive hot air generated by the charger to prevent it from overheating.

One thing to consider with this device is its large weight and dimensions. Its additional features and high-strength power capacity means this charger weighs over 52 ounces. As such, you need to leave it in your tent, rather than charging on the go.

Although this device is not rated as waterproof or dirt resistant, it does feature some convenient port covers. If you make use of them, the power bank will get some protection from the usual festival weather conditions.


Best Budget and Best Compact Portable Charger – the Poweradd Slim2 5000mAh

Poweradd Slim2 5000mA

  • 2A unique input offers twice the charging speed of most USB cables
  • Can charge a smartphone up to two times
  • Compact, measuring 3.9 x 1.3 x 1.2 inches
  • 24-month warranty included

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The Poweradd Slim2 portable charger features a compact design, measuring only 3.9 x 1.3 x 1.2 inches, and weighing just over four ounces. This slim and lightweight charger is ideal for storing in your belt pouch or even your pocket. With the Poweradd Slim2 you can easily charge your devices while watching festival performances.

One factor to consider is that this device has a maximum output of 5000mAh, making it the least powerful charger on this list. However, it can add two full charges to an iPhone 7, 6, and 5S, and at least one charge to an iPhone 7, 6 Plus, Galaxy Note 5, 4, Galaxy S6, S5, and other smartphones.

For maximum power, the Poweradd Slim2 only takes one hour to recharge completely. It also features a small LED light display that indicates the charging and discharging status, plus remaining power.

The Poweradd Slim2 lipstick charger comes in four color choices and is very affordable. If you’re a regular festival-goer, you’ll appreciate the dangers of taking expensive items with you. However, should you lose this device, it’s not costly to replace.



If you’re searching for a high-capacity, reliable portable charger, we recommend the ZeroLemon SolarJuice. This is the perfect all-rounder portable charger for music festivals due to its high capacity and overall sturdiness. It also scores bonus points for the solar charging ability and for its powerful flashlight. But according to your personal needs and preferences, some of the other power banks on the list might be a better fit.