Top Portable Charger Brands

With the multitude of portable charger brands on the market, there has to be some heavy competition between brands. This is great news for people like you and me! It means that portable charger companies are constantly striving to outdo each other in price, quality, and quantity.

Sometimes, a few manufacturers rise above the rest. They might not do everything perfectly and certainly no brand is without its faults. Below is a list of the best value, best quality, best customer service focused brands in the power bank market today.

Read on below to see brand bios, products, links, plus our video featuring the top power bank & portable charger brands!

Anker is without a doubt the market leader in portable chargers. They offer a vast array of power banks in many forms including solar chargers and various other power-related products. There are three main things that set these guys apart.

Firstly, their commitment to their customer. Anker customer service is famously understanding, forgiving and generous. In the world of portable chargers, loads of things can go wrong. Your battery pack can be defective, wiring can be faulty and a host of other issues. Anker offers an 18-month warranty on all (or most) of their products and they really do all they can to ensure the quality of their product is up to scratch.

They also price their items accordingly. They have some of the best value portable chargers on the market without a doubt. Buying a piece of electronic equipment in this day and age can be a difficult task. Do I go with the cheaper product and risk device failure? Or do I spend a bit more and hope that the components are higher quality? Anker is the best of both worlds.

Lastly, their products are built well and made to last. To keep prices low, it’s important to know what sacrifices to make during manufacturing. Anker is particularly careful with the design of their products and the quality of their batteries. Only using the best equipment to get the job done.

RAVpower is Anker’s fierce competitor in the portable charger game. Something like the RAVPower 16750 shows you just what they can do. Similar to Anker in some respects, RAVPower has some great products that pack a lot of punch for the price. In some cases coming in a little cheaper for comparable products, they certainly love competing on price.

While this is certainly not true for all their models, RAVPower is still finding their feet in the battery power to size game and could maybe do a little more to get the size of their units down. They also seem to have a slightly higher detection rate, with the occasional case of an overheating unit or faulty USB ports.

Don’t let these issues hold you back, however, RAVPower also offer a lifetime warranty on almost all their products. RAVPower is still seen as one of the best portable charger brands in the market and their range of high capacity units are capable of sending your phone or tablet some serious juice.

For pure battery power and value, it’s hard to go past Aukey. They have a range of slick designs and consistently test well in battery efficiency and delivery speed tests.

Almost all of their devices support at least Qualcom Quickcharge 2.0 and pound for pound, they represent some of the best quality to price ratio products in the game. Check out the Aukey 20000mAh for an awesome offering from them.

Aukey isn’t just about power banks. Their website has an awesome range of camera lenses, outdoor audio equipment, and adapters. Like many of the cheaper options, Aukey does have its fair share of product defects and firmware issues.

Taking this into consideration, Aukey still outdoes many of the brands in the portable charger scene. We look forward to seeing some more of what they have to offer over the coming months.

What we’ve seen so far from Jackery, we’ve loved. With a unique and consistent look and impressive build qualities, Jackery is set to take over other competitors in their price range. We actually think Jackery have the best looking and nicest feeling portable chargers in the market. Check out their 12000mAh power bank here.

Again they are pushing for cheaper and better value models which can lead to tactile problems with physical power buttons and such, but we’ve not seen enough from Jackery yet to make a final decision on this. The power banks they produce certainly fare well in terms of durability compared to their rivals.

If you want the coolest looking portable charger (in our opinion of course!) grab a Jackery power bank and be the cool kid on the street!

Although they sit at #5, EasyACC makes it onto the top brands’ list with ease. They do one thing really well, and that builds high performance, high mAh power banks. If you’re looking for a fast charging, 20000mAh portable charger, the EasyACC Monster is an awesome choice. Not only does it charge devices lightning-fast, it also has 4 USB slots!

We feel like EasyACC is pushing the limits with what they can fit into their power banks. Branching into the phone case charger market as well, we’d love to see EasyACC make their products even more compact and lightweight.