Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank

Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank

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Aibocn 10000mAh at a glance

Key specs


10000 mAh

37 Wh

Dimensions (LxWxH)

5.4 x 2 x 0.78 in

13.72 x 5.08 x 1.98 cm


8.6 oz / 244 g

Charging technology

Charging time: 6 h

Passthrough charging

High speed charging

PBE metrics


801 mAh/$


41 mAh/g

1163 mAh/oz


USD Type A

USB Type A qty: x 1

5V / 2.1A

USD Type A

USB Type A qty: x 1

5V / 1A

Micro USB

Micro USB qty: x 1

5 V / 1 A

Flight status

Under 100 Wh

Status: Safe

The power bank is safe to take on board. It's under the specified TSA limit of 100 Wh. Read more about taking power banks on planes.

Other features

Power indicator

1 year warranty

Short circuit safety


Overloading protection

Surge protection

Overcharge and overdischarge protection

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Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank at a glance

At its current price, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank seems like a no-brainer. At such a low price you would expect some corners to be cut and unfortunately in this case, there were. Slightly larger and heavier than some of its competitors at similar mAh ratings we were hoping for the power bank’s performance to make up for the obvious bulk.

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Capacity & Charging speed

10000mAh is a respectable size for a portable charger these days. Especially considering the increasing popularity in tablets and battery draining apps on smart phones. So is 10000mAh going to be enough to charge your cell phone? Well it should be. In fact it should be enough to charge several times.

In the case of the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank however, we found that the battery just wasn’t up to scratch. We can forgive some efficiency loss for any and all portable chargers on the market but the Aibocn is a little disappointing.

We’re unsure exactly what cells are being utilized in the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank but based on the research we’ve done, this isn’t an isolated case. With that said, it does charge exceptionally fast from its 2.1A output, one of 2 USB outputs on the device, the other one is rated at 1A.

For those wondering as well, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank will not charge your device while it is currently itself being charged.

Look and feel

The Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank actually looks quite nice. It’s finished with a nice shiny lacquer that repels finger prints well. The shape is a little awkward and tends to be a bit longer and thicker than is necessary.

In saying that it looks modern, stylish and isn’t going to stand out in your bad or purse. There’s a flash light at the end of the unit, situated next to the microUSB input used to charge the unit. Close to the end on the long edge are where the USB ports are situated. They are spaced out with enough room between them and seem to be in a fairly logical spot.

On the face of the unit is 4 LED lights to indicate charge and an on and off button. Simply press the power button twice to turn on and twice again to turn off.

Durability & Construction

Issues with faulty components are unfortunately a little more common with the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank than other units. Rattling sounds inside the case, constant overheating and failed batteries have been known to happen.

Comparing this power bank to others in a similar mAh range (not price) it’s not hard to pin point why these issues are occurring. Some more attention to quality control and using more expensive batteries and wiring components will lead to more consistency across the range.

Claims of all sorts of surge-protection, over-charge protection etc are thrown out the window when units are reportedly catching on fire and melting.

With that said, Aibocn obviously pay attention to their customers and are pretty damn good at replacing faulty units. The risk is yours to take!


In essence, the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank is only a little larger than its competitors. It does feel heavier however and makes we wonder if there is a more efficient way to fit all the components inside the case.

For me it’s just a little too long and a little too thick. If you look at the basic shape and size of a common smart phone you’ll see what consumers consider appropriate to put in their pocket. Although the Aibocn 10000mAh Power Bank would fit in my pocket, it’s weight and awkward size would put me off considering this truly portable compared to it’s peers.



Excellent customer service

(Currently) at an excellent price point

Charge rates quite fast



10000mAh a bit misleading

Overheating and manufacturing issues

A little big for the power capacity


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