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Brand rating: ★★★★★
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About Anker

Anker are the Cadillac of power banks. Reliable, affordable and they get the job done. They are potentially the most prolific of all power bank brands and certainly one of the biggest dedicated power bank manufacturers world wide.

Anker are a California based company, the brainchild of some ex-google employees. Launched in 2011, it wasn't long before they became the number 1 power bank brand on Amazon.com. Since then, as a testament to the quality of products and innovation, Anker have expanded world wide and become a global leader in mobile charging.

I get a lot of power bank related questions sent in to powerbankexpert.com. Often when someone is looking for a product to suit a particular need, Anker's name comes up. Anker certainly aren't perfect. Unfortunately the mobile charging industry is fraught with faulty batteries and products. Anker is no exception. Don't be afraid though! For the sheer volume of products sold, Anker do an excellent job of keeping their defective product count low.

What products do Anker sell?

One of Anker's advantages is their research and development team. They are able to design and produce products quickly and effectively to keep up with current tech and demand. They were one of the first companies to take advantage of quick charging and developed some of their own in house systems which are replicated by competitors today.

Although Anker have their feet firmly on the ground in power banks, they also make a wide range of power related accessories. The Anker philosophy is to make people as mobile as possible. They do this with a huge range of smart products.

Everywhere from USB wall chargers, car chargers, premium power banks, wireless headphones and recently a wall charger with built in 5000mAh battery.

That's not all. Anker seem to have dipped their toes in just about every mobile power consumer market. You will see that I have reviewed four Anker products, three power banks and one solar charger. All four products have received an above average score. One of them entertains one of the highest scores I have given out on the site.

Apart from obvious performance and design considerations, Anker a big company that actually cares about it's customers. Being a company based in America, many of the good business practices inherent in good US companies can be seen in the finished products.

The last thought on Anker's products is that they are always moving forward. Having a look at Anker's current portfolio means that I've already fallen behind and it's time to load up again to see how they've progressed.

Final thoughts

Anker is a stalwart in the power bank game. They continue to improve upon and develop their technologies while keeping a close eye on the market and more importantly, their customers.

It can be a danger to diversify to quickly and produce subpar products just to keep up. Anker have avoided this and continue to be one of the most reliable brands in the game. If you want a product that performs well that you can trust, you know where to go.

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