The 10 best travel accessories of 2017

The 10 best travel accessories of 2017

We all know the everyday items to pack for your next trip – but moving beyond the obvious – what are the 10 best travel accessories of 2017? All of these products will help make your life on the road easier and more enjoyable. Travel pillows can help you sleep on long distance fights and avoid back and neck pain. Dry bags and waterproof phone cases help keep your valuables dry. And travel wallets help keep your cards, cash and passports safe from would be thieves. Portable speakers are a great way to share music with friends whilst you’re travelling, and a water purifier for travel could stop you getting really sick. So read on and find out some of the best travel accessories you can buy for your next big trip!

#1 Noise cancelling headphones

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple Devices

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I used to consider noise cancelling headphones an unnecessary waste of money, but when travelling they are an absolute god send! There’s simply no better way to block out the ambient noise around you. Whether you’re on a plane sitting next to a noisy toddler, on a train surrounded by passengers, or in a noisy bus – these headphones can make that journey so much more enjoyable. Simply put on your favourite tunes and zone out. Noise cancelling headphones can also help you get to sleep whilst you’re in a seated position, which can really help alleviate jet lag. They come in different sizes such as in ear, or over ear – in ear headphones are certainly more portable for travel. Whilst they are one of the pricier products in this group, there’s no doubt they’re one of the best travel accessories money can buy.

#2 Travel pillows

Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

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Travel pillows are such a great addition to any trip, because they help make you more comfortable whilst travelling. Particularly on long-haul flights – a travel pillow can greatly increase your chances of getting some sleep. Once again, this is so valuable in helping you avoid jet lag. They come in all kinds of shapes and sizes to suit a wide variety of uses. Inflatable travel pillows are perfect for backpackers, when space is at an absolute premium. And memory foam neck pillows mould to your neck’s shape and are super comfortable, whilst cutting down on aching back and necks. Being able to get to sleep on long flights make travel pillows one of the best travel accessories you can ever buy.

#3 Portable speakers

JBL Clip 2 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

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What could be better than having your favourite music accompanying you whilst you’re travelling the world? With a portable speaker you can turn have great quality audio to share with your friends literally anywhere you want. You can get some incredibly light and compact speakers, as well as much larger, louder devices. Get a Bluetooth speaker for added cool factor, and you can always keep it juiced with its rechargeable battery. Some of the better speakers available are waterproof and can take a fair bit of punishment. When choosing a portable speaker you’ll need to weight up factors like sound quality, size, weight and price.

#4 Travel wallets

Zero Grid Travel Wallet & Family Passport Holder

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As tourism explodes and airports around the world are crowded with the flow of jet setters, so too does the instances of petty theft and robbery. A safe, secure and organised travel wallet can be the difference between an amazing holiday and a disappointing early trip home. Travel wallets have come a long way since the conventional bum bag that would sit around your waist. Many of the newer styles of travel wallets feature RFID blocking technology to better guard against newer more advanced forms of crime. Not only that, a travel wallet allows you to breeze through your trip with everything neatly organised and at your finger tips.

#5 Water purifiers for travel

LifeStraw Go Water Bottle

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Water purifiers may not be on your agenda if you’re planning a trip to Paris or New York. But if you’re planning to go to developing countries, then a water purifier for travel is going to be a great investment. Whilst many of the accessories in this article are cool or stylish products to make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, a water purifier could stop you getting really sick. And being horribly ill is the best way to spoil any holiday! There’s a range of water purifiers to choose from – which vary greatly in size and price range. Some water purifiers use carbon filters, or others use a UV lamp to kill the bacteria in the water.

#6 Dry bags

Sea to Summit Ultra-Sil Dry Sack

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Dry bags are the best way to keep all your valuables dry when you’re travelling. They’re particularly useful for any kind of water-based activities such as scuba diving, kayaking, or going to the beach. And as more and more of us are travelling with expensive electronic devices like phones and cameras, a dry bag is a great way to keep them safe. They come in a range of sizes and varieties. Some come with straps to double as a backpack – which can be really useful. I personally love dry bags which double as compression sacks. This lets you compress bulky items like jackets down to save space in your luggage.

#7 Power banks

EasyAcc Monster PowerBank 20000mAh

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Sure, we may be biased – but we’d argue that power banks are an indispensible packing item in 2017. With all the electronic gadgets most people take on any trip these days, keeping all your batteries charged up fully is essential. When travelling you’re likely to be using your phone, tablet or computer heavily – particularly on a long flight. But you won’t have access to a power point – having a power bank or portable charger solves that problem.

#8 Waterproof phone cases

Dog & Bone Wetsuit iPhone 7 Case

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For anyone travelling somewhere where they’re going to be close to water, a waterproof phone case is a really good idea. When you weight up the costs of getting a waterproof case versus the cost of buying a brand new cell phone then its clear that this could be a wise investment. An added bonus is that these cases will also help protect your cell phone from accidental damage, like dropping your phone to the ground. Not only useful for travel, having a waterproof phone case will protect your phone at home as well! The one drawback is that waterproof cases are bigger and bulkier than average phone cases. But if you’re willing to live with that, they’re definitely worth considering!

#9 Packable day packs

Zomake packable day pack

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Packable day packs are a great way to have a spare, small back pack to use whilst travelling – but take up almost no space in your main luggage. Made of lightweight material, for the most part they compress down into a small stuff sack when not in use. They’re really handy for all kinds of travellers. Backpackers can use them as a spare, smaller bag for day trips – rather than a big, bulky and heavier bag. For people on holiday with a suitcase, a packable day pack is a great way to travel light once you reach your destination. There are even some models which are water proof! There’s no doubt they’re one of the best travel accessories available today.

#10 eBook readers

Kindle Paperwhite

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What’s one thing that every traveller has in common? We all have to spend long amounts of time sitting around in transit. Whether it’s a plane, train, bus or road trip – having an eBook reader is a great way to help make the time pass quicker. Electronic paper eBook readers like the Kindle and Kobo eReaders have incredibly long battery life. And colour eReaders like iPads and tablets are great for reading, playing games, working and surfing online. There’s no doubt that the Kindle is the clear market leader in this category, but there’s a whole range of other brands to choose from.

Final thoughts

So there you have it – our guide to the best travel accessories of 2017. Are there any products you think are missing from the list? If so, get in touch – we’d love to hear from you. Happy travelling!

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